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In which I don't necessarily rescind what I said before
February 12, 2007

I am officially not pretending any more. Thank you, everyone who was kind enough to ask about my situation. In other news, here's another letter:

Dear motherfucker thoughtful individual who slashed my tire last night,

I don't know if you were the same person who slashed my tire last time, but nonetheless, I really want to thank you. See, the tire you popped was old and bald, and I really needed to have it replaced. I totally had an extra $170 in my back pocket to purchase 2 new tires (may as well get them both done), but I could have continued putting that off for quite a while. So, instead of going directly to work this morning at 6.30 like I normally would have, I got to enjoy my dark livingroom a little longer than normal, waiting for the tire store to open so I could go give them that money. It was burning a hole in my pocket! I just had to get rid of it!

So again, thanks for the gesture, and be sure to get me again early next year!


PS. The owners of the other 3 cars you defiled may want to have a word with you. They said something about being angry... *confused shrug*