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In which I get saucy
February 25, 2007

Hello, my name is Devlyn. I know I haven't been around for a while, but there are some really really awesome excuses that I have but can't share. The drama and business that has taken place within the last couple of weeks has exponentially upped the amount of (bad) excitement in my life, which normally hovers somewhere around nil to 5 or so. Since I'm obviously not getting into that at all, let's have some general life updates!

Like I said, I was employed quite suddenly, and now that I'm all settled into the new position, it's been at least interesting. I gleaned a new friend due to the new position who, for some reason, I have clicked with so incredibly that at this point I feel as if I've known him for far longer than the 3 weeks I have. With everything going on, including the Italian lessons twice weekly, I have been left with little social time, so it seems that any time that I have an hour or 2 free, one might find me down at the bar. Everyone knows that the bar is the best place to socialize, but being at the bar for so long tends to: a) make one smell like an ashtray, and b) drink lots. Neither of which is very pleasing, normally, nor is something that I should be getting used to. Unfortunately, that exact thing seems to be happening.

Sold out showOn the 17th, Queen Alisha showed up right before the end of Shabbos, bringing me the much-sought-after ticket to The Shins show that very night. We went down to the venue, I grabbed a glass of boxed wine, and we enjoyed the opening band. There were an incredible number of high school kids there, and one well-endowed bouncing girl near the stage, all of which were great for making fun. The Shins came onto a dark stage and The Shins, rokkin the houserocked our pants off. I was so incredibly excited and happy that I almost peed myself. They played a well-mixed collection from all of their albums which included all of my favorite songs, of course. Though I really really love The Shins, and the show was awesome, they aren't the best of showmen. I was really glad to be able to experience it, and I figure I may as well get as many shows in as I can while I'm still in the states, as I may not have the opportunity to do so later. I'm getting all of this out of my system before I don't have the chance.