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In which I calme moi
April 2, 2007

After being in certain upheaval for the past 3 weeks, I was able to get away from everything for a weekend only to be interrupted in the middle by a meddler meddling. I have had so much drama for the last little while that I don't think my blood pressure has gone back to normal for more than a half hour, outside the REM cycle.

Everything is heading towards at least some kind of closure, and I'm most looking forward to having my life back to a somewhat normal state. It may take a few months to achieve the beginnings of that end, but at least I can see it in the distance and I don't have to fret any more about whether it exists or not, full stop. It's unfortunate to find that I cannot trust certain people the way I used to, if at all. The truth is that almost everything is an eventuality, and I would rather know these things sooner rather than later.

In other news, I love the Pacific, the green, the humidity, and the forests of Oregon, and I'm sure I'll be going back soon.