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In which I don't say much
April 30, 2007

So I'm mostly unemployed and dealing with the bullshit that is the tech industry here in the city of trees. The market is so incredibly sad and slow and depressing that I've been quite seriously thinking of moving before my savings dwindles past the point of no return. I've even been thinking a bit about career change, but I really haven't skills in any other area, unless you count customer support, which I would rather keep to myself.

The final paperwork for the divorce has been filed, and I've been having strange dreams. My methods of communication with pretty much everyone are lacking (which they usually are), but I'm feeling even more guilty about it than normal. There are people moving in and out of my apartment building, and there are new hipsters living in the basement directly below me. While they're normally very quiet and nice, every once in a while, they play hipster music incredibly loudly in their living room, which just happens to mostly be below and to the side of my bathroom, so while I'm in the shower or using the facilities, I sometimes get a bit of a shock when some irony-filled plaints suddenly fill the air.

I've been working on refinishing a table to make into my desk, and the project is almost done after half-assing it for the past 3 or so weeks. I'll have the photos up soon, I'm sure, and then you can be wowed by my awesome mad sanding, painting, staining, and polying skills.