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In which I provide an update
June 29, 2007

I've been meaning to type something up for sc.net for a while. And it's not really as if I've been incredibly busy. I did have to fly last-minute to Portland on Wednesday for a job interview (which I aced and was subsequently offered the position), and that was exhausting. I think it took all of yesterday to really recover, but other than that, I really haven't been doing much but packing and putting off writing lists. Today I spent almost 4 hours thinning out my music collection and then undid some of my hard work by adding on a ton more (now totaling over 46gig worth). I'm waiting to pack stuff I don't want to pack up just yet, and am, in general, just waiting for the day of the move. Sure, there's stuff I need to get done before then, but that can all wait until the last minute, can't it?

While I was in PDX last week (from Tues until Sat night), I secured an apartment and had a ton of fun tooling about town and meeting some new people who are friends of a friend. I keep thinking that I'm not going to have a social life, but in reality I'll probably start going out immediately since there's so much to do there and so many more interesting places to go. Now that the hard part is over (job and home secured), I'm starting to wax reminiscent about Boise. I knew this was going to happen, but I didn't think so soon. I do tend to preemptively strike fears and emotions; it makes me feel more in control of a situation. Plus, I'm not really going to have time to deal with any craziness outside of moving, since I'll be starting training for the new position the day after I arrive. Maybe after this is all said and done and I'm settled in, I'll have enough time for emotions and relaxation and the like. But as for now, I'll take care of the ones I think I'll need in the future, and will try to leave the stress to someone else. I've started this ball a-rolling, and while it's snowballed slightly faster than I expected, everything is going really well.