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In which things are looking brighter
June 15, 2007

Ever since I've decided to move, and I mean actually made the decision, I've kind of felt guilty about it. Like now that I'm finally getting out of Boise, I'm actually totally selling out. I've been slightly embarrassed to tell people where I'm going for a couple of reasons: 1) A lot of people move out of Boise and end up back here - usually those people go either to Seattle or Portland. I personally know at least 3 people who had to come back because of financial reasons, and plenty more because for some unknown reason, they would rather be in Boise. 2) I'm kind of sick of people responding with, "But it rains there!" as if I didn't understand the fact that precipitation is like acidblood falling from skies of liquid hell to these people. I like rain. I love moisture. I actually don't like the desert. It gets way to effing hot here. My skin is scaly all year round - I'm constantly having to put on lotion and conditioner and god help me if I forget one day, because the next thing you know, I'm shedding my epidermis as if I were in Slytherin. But all in all, I feel fantastic about this decision. Half of my house is already packed up, and I'm heading to PDX on Tuesday for some job interviews and the like.

And back to the selling out? Now that Boise's downtown is actually getting somewhat better, there are some stores I frequent, sushi I enjoy on a regular basis, and a (yes, singular) coffeehouse where I am a regular, I feel I'm letting everyone down by leaving. I keep reminding myself that this is long overdue, that I have hated Boise for far too long, and the need and option for leaving is now.

I gave my landlord and property manager my 30-day (31-day, really) notice yesterday.

See here, here, and here for references to hating Boise. See at least here for reference to loving Portland. Plus, I smile much more in Portland than I do in Boise, unless I'm drunk.