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In which I wouldn't be so alone if they knew my name in every home
July 26, 2007

Things I have found out about myself from this move to PDX:

  1. I am really really really good at torturing myself. And not being able to take my own advice. Also? Feeling like shit.

  2. I am kind of more unstable than I knew. I feel fantastic one minute and like killing myself the next. WTF, hormones?

  3. I really really dislike Idaho. I guess I already knew that, but I'm so dreading even having to be there for a day and a half in August that I'm stressing about it already, a month in advance.

  4. I always thought I was kind of anti-social, and that I forced myself into social situations to get over it. Now I realize I am *really* anti-social, but I also really want to hang out with people, though I really don't have anyone with whom to hang out. I don't know how to even interperet that.

  5. I can spend money really, really fast.

  6. I can still make people impressed with me. It's actually a lot easier than I remember it being.

  7. I am extremely adaptable. I'm not exactly a change-fearer, but I didn't think that settling in and getting into a routine was going to be this simple and quick. Huh.

  8. I am really really bad at making major decisions that hurt. I guess this goes for most of the human race.

  9. I drink way too much and I badly need to cut back again. That said, I am going to hang out at the BrewFest after work today to kill time before going to play poker, drink beer, and eat pizza.

  10. I'm extremely glad I moved. Like, seriously.