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Another day, another complaint
December 5, 2008

I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact that I wasn't born someone else. Or at least into a different body with possibly different chemical makeup. This feels even worse sometimes, as most of the things I want changed can never be changed. It's just impossible. I could take all the drugs and dye my hair, but it's not going to make me that person. Even transgendered people can (although it's incredibly expensive) buy themselves a new sex. I can't just cut off my legs and call myself shorter. Things just don't work that way. It calls out my existential side and... maybe this is what happens when Portland weather ceases to be "Portland weather." I've not had enough rain.

In other news, I found out that the guy that looks similar to Robbie Williams who I see walking about town (and I always have to do a double-take) actually works in my building. I won't be doing any stalking, but it's good to know that Mr RW is not, in fact, spending time here in the City of Roses, because I would be remiss to not have knowledge of such a thing. That was a very long sentence.

I have signed up at PCC to take a course in Japanese Conversation starting in January. Time to actually learn from something other than anime, ne?