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Oh...............                   Hai.
November 20, 2008

Last week I started working again after a 5-week hiatus. Just like vacation, the hiatus seemed to go quite quickly, and there were a few times when I wasn't sure what the date was or if it was Tuesday or Thursday. What did I do during those 5 weeks? Not a whole lot, really. I had 2 surgeries and some doctor appointments, but other than that, I sat around a lot, watched some anime, wrote some code, and was generally in pain unless I was off my feet. It wasn't the most pleasant of experiences, but at least I was lucky enough to be able to take the time off of work to do it.

Now that I'm somewhat back to my normal life (besides having to wear a sandal on my right foot for another week), I'm getting frustrated with my slow walking. Anyone that knows me knows that I tend to walk very quickly, with long strides and purposeful movements. If I'm walking somewhere, I usually have someplace to be, and I'd like to get there as quickly as possible, thankyouverymuch. But now I'm still limping along, my left foot is articulated while my right is not, and both in pain, and I'm being passed by most people on the street. I know this is temporary, and I am getting better every day (and moreso with the stretching and "physical therapy" I do at home), but walking the 12-block round-trip lap from work to the post office leaves me nearly debilitated until it's time to go home for the day. Yes, frustrating. I also bought some new boots I'll likely not be able to wear for another 4-5 weeks, so I'm trying to break them in by hand, literally.

This morning was pretty cold, dipping down to just below freezing. I wore my hat and found that when I do, people smile at me more. Maybe it's the ears.

Kittyville hat