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Blood Boiling
February 24, 2009

There's nothing to get the ol' ticker thumping than paying off someone else's debt that was purposefully left for one to pay off. Fucker. I really did try, you know. I sent reminder emails to him and requested a promissory note to no avail, whereas he sent me a nice postcard from his honeymoon in France, promising to start making payments "now that the wedding is over." Not one red cent have I seen, nor has the IRS. Surprising? Of course not. Then again, he was never good at paying off his own debt, even when there wasn't anyone else but himself at stake. Am I still mad about this? You bet. It took me 6 months to save that money, and I had to give it away due to this asshole, instead of adding it my own savings. He could have asked his mother to pay it off for him, like he did everything else, or hey, sold the car that she bought for him, or one of the many guns he purchased instead of paying our rent, but nope, he knew I'd be screwed and legally liable for the debt, so he just left it to me. He's a world-class douchebag, god have mercy on his new wife.
All of this is in due to
Benjamin Elvis Wood, born 6/28/77, who has supposedly left the US.
Son of Jill Marie Wood and Daniel Wood - the former paving Benjamin's way abroad, and the latter is hiding out in Montana under an assumed name to shrug off supposed tax evasion and years of child support. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

May google keep the name cached forever.

For reference: None of this is surprising, really, and Marked as crashed.