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whee! finally!
May 31, 2003

okay, so i finally got the pics from the bruneau sand dunes up. i decided that they should go in the gallery (aka eye candy), so that's where they sit. click on "colour photographs", and then on "bruneau sand dunes"... i only put the best pictures up there, of course, so there's only 8. Please let me know what you think about them. and enjoy. ^_^

crash, boom!
May 30, 2003

it is sooo freaking cool outside right now. after the days of scorching heat, we finally have a rainstorm. there are heavy clouds all around, and lots of thunder and lighting. i love rainstorms... i can hear the thunder from my cube, which is pretty awesome. just a second ago, there was a flash through the building of lightning. this is so awesome. i am mainly happy because it pretty much means that it won't be 100 degrees out today... eek! looks like the power might go out here... the lights are flickering. ^_^

May 28, 2003

i'm so hungry, i'm chewing on my hand.

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finally! wil's book, Dancing Barefoot, is finally finally out!!! i sooo can't wait to get my copy! and to know that it was personally packed by either wil or his wife just gives me the jitters! i'm so happy for him. how was i to know when i was 12 and drooling all over wesley crusher, that the person behind the character could be so cool. before even reading it, i hope everyone goes out and gets a copy of this book, whether you like wil or not. just go to www.wilwheaton.net - there's a banner there. click on it!

something hot...
May 27, 2003

hope everyone's weekend was as good as mine! ^_^
the boy and i went to bruneau sand dunes yesterday, and after much coercing (by the boy), we finally made it to the top! we took some really wonderful pictures out there, so if i have the time tonight, i'll make sure to post them! i am feeling a bit more tanned today, though maybe a little bit pink on my chest. i couldn't find our sunblock yesterday, and was rather paranoid about being burned, but it seems that everything went okay for the most part. there really wasn't that much direct sunlight yesterday, as it was partially cloudy, but it was bloody windy at the top of that dune. when i got home and took a shower, i had sand everywhere. and i mean everywhere. ^_^

i am feeling rather sleepy and sore today, but am ready to brave the gym after work. jen the personal trainer killed me on saturday, and now i get to do it all over again. what fun!
it seems as if isa v. hasn't blogged in more than a few days, being either lazy or being dragged kicking and screaming back home. we'll see. there are plenty of people duking it out over whether or not she and/or blog are hoaxes or not. i really don't care. i just don't want the story to end in the middle like this. what a bummer. =-P

suddenly summer
May 23, 2003

today it ended up being about 91 degrees. last week i was freezing my ass off. i just don't understand weather patterns, i guess. i don't want it to be this hot. i want it to be 75 degrees, with some days in between that are cooler and warmer, but never really varying more than 10 degrees. that would be wonderful. and i think i got a sunburn. :<

the finale

well, everything is finally moved over to MT... hopefully all of you *snort* will not have noticed any broken links, etc. while i was doing this. you may have noticed (unless you can't see all that well) that i have redone the main blog design. i am rather proud of that fact, because, even though it's rather plain for now, i did the entire thing in notepad at work on thursday.
speaking of work, it's been uncommonly slow today. having been here for 5 hours, i have only answered 4 calls, 2 of which were "actual" calls where i actually troubleshot someone's issue. hmph.

other than that, i plan on working more on the blog design this weekend. i hope everyone has a wonderful memorial day weekend (hopefully you have 3 days off, as well). ^_^

Wil, oh wil
May 21, 2003

wil's getting great reviews on his book - i can't wait until i get my copy. hopefully it's been sent already. i need something to read! really just an entry to check on my trackback funcitonality... i know i could have done this with my own blogs, but it's much more fun with mess with wil's.

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step one

so, the first step seems to be completed now, as i have moved my personal blog to movable type. so far, it's good... had a couple of issues, but i figured them out soon enough. next step is a complete overhaul of the main blog. and we'll see how that works. i'm thinking i'm going to keep the current comments for now, if they work... if not, i'll move to movable type's comments as well. ^_^

btw, when i got my carrots this morning, the ones at the bottom of the bag were slimy. i hate that.

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ps. the other night, wil
May 20, 2003

ps. the other night, wil was in my dream. nothing dirty, like when i was 12, but we were playing some kind of raquetball in an arena where some other girls were making fun of us.

sometimes i have the strangest

sometimes i have the strangest dreams.
this morning, after hitting the snooze on the alarm for the 5th time, i dreamt about ben hiding a bomb in my backpack(?). it was just really strange. LeeAnn was living here again, and she had come to pick me up at ben's mom's house. i was really pissed off about ben putting a bomb in my bag, so i took it out and threw it at the house. it didn't explode or anything, but leeann and i took off and went to a hotel. we went to sleep, and when i "woke up" in the hotel, i looked at my cell phone, and i had missed something like 73 calls... my batteries were too low in my phone to check my messages, so i was going to borrow leeann's phone, but she wasn't in the bed with me any longer. instead, ben was there, and i was really happy and relieved to see him there. i don't remember him saying anything to me, but i somehow got the impression that leeann had left during the night, and ben had come in to take her place. it was really quite strange. after that, i couldn't get the radio/teevee to turn off in the room, and i remember going around turning everything off, but the noise wouldn't stop. that, of course, was my alarm clock in the "real world", and i finally got myself out of bed.

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PS. the boy's website is
May 18, 2003

PS. the boy's website is finally up, and far more interesting than mine. go there now.

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so i ended up not

so i ended up not getting a little bunny rabbit this weekend. yes, i know it's sad, but i got a little kitty instead!!!! she is just so damned cute, and i took some pictues of her. so, here, for your viewing pleasure, are pictures of Ms. Kitty. Sitting with her for the shoot was Mr. Koala, who came all the way from Australia (really!) with Ben. we bought Mr. Koala some really cute pajamas, so he could be all warm and snuggly at night. Just look at how darned cute they are! guh!!!

click on the images below to see them full-sized!

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as everyone should know, there
May 16, 2003

as everyone should know, there was a wonderful lunar eclipse yesterday, viewable from north america and parts of south america. i, of course, missed it, but the moon provided a wonderful bright light for the rest of the night which was rather soothing. for some reason, whenever the moon is really bright, it makes things more calm. i notice more sounds and whatnot when there is a new moon, and i tend to be more afraid of the dark, of course. but that may have something to do with the racoons that like to get into the backyard and mess with things, when i have to go down in the basement to get the laundry, and they come after me... ack!
so there's a new store in the mall (caution: horrible website) that's called Bearmakerz Boulevard, and they have the bloody cutest stuffed animals there... you choose which animal you want to get, and they stuff it for you, so you can make it as hard or soft as you like, and then they have little clothes for all of them, and you can make birth certificates there for the animals and all that! ooh, it's just sooo damned exciting. i'm planning on going there this weekend and getting myself a bunny rabbit. we have a lot of bears, and bear-type animals (ie. koalas), but no rabbits! imagine the shock! so they have a really really cute rabbit there, so i'm going to get it and put it in a cute little outfit. then i'll take pictures, and make a little page, just for him. ^_^
okay, so i love cute things. i can't help it. i'm a sucker for the cute, kawaii, etc.. i just get all excited like i'm 5 again, and getting something new. i can't wait to have kids to get them as many stuffed animals as they can handle. guh! okay, that's all for today... i'm not going to be able to concentrate at work now, because i have bears on the brain. ^_^

things are pretty slow here.
May 12, 2003

things are pretty slow here. so, i figured i would throw a few links at you:
wil's first book is now available for purchase! go out and get one. i did.
the web's newest sweetheart is an international fugitive. and she has a blog.
salaam is back, and had quite a bit to say. good luck getting on the site - it's been overloaded recently.
ebay is a site that i've been spending a lot of time at recently. not that i've been buying anything.
and that's about it for now. whee!!!!

still haven't brought in any
May 5, 2003

still haven't brought in any plants, but at least i have a computer. and a telephone. well, my telephone isn't working yet, but the computer is. bunch of progs i still can't get into, but hopefully that will be resolved by the end of the week. they say that they're going to put me on the phones tomorrow, but i really don't feel comfortable with that yet, as i don't even know the progs that i'm working on, mostly. i just hope that it won't be too busy, so i can feel okay with putting people on hold to figure out what in the heck they are talking about. however, judging by some of the people that work here, it shouldn't be all that hard to figure everything out. my first paycheck will come to me in exactly one month. until then, i have to live off of the little bit of money i have, and one more check from unemployment. this should be interesting. we'll see how it works.
the boy came home on saturday night, which was a bit of a surprise, as i wasn't expecting him until sunday afternoon. the surprise was a good one, however, so i'm rather happy about it. we went to go see X2 yesterday, which was a good movie, in a hollywood sort of way. i enjoyed it. afterwards, we went to jo'meyer and purchased DVDs for home watching. boy bought some component video cables for the DVD player, but everything seems to have a green tinge to it now... i'll have to mess with that tonight after we get home from the gym. speaking of, jennifer, the personal trainer, killed me on saturday, so we'll see how well i do tonight with the new exercises. that should be interesting, as well. still taking hydroxycut filled with ephedra for gym-days... it's not too bad, but i don't even take the recommended dosage, as it makes me all jittery and crazy. i guess that's okay, as it keeps me from getting addicted to it. i'm still getting sleepy, though, but i think that has more to do with me not really having anything to do. most people would hope for that. hmph.
off to read sluggy. ^_^