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October 30, 2003

am extremely annoyed right now, as the neighbor-boy (with whom i share a wall) took out the laundry that i had in the washer from last night, and just put it atop the dryer. see, we share a washer and dryer in the basement, and last night, when i really needed to do just one load of wash, he had clothes both in the washer and dryer. so i just left my basket on the floor for the time being, and being a good neighbor, i waited 30 minutes and went down again. this time, only the dryer was occupied, so i put my wash in the washer with my basket atop. it was rather late at this time (about 10:30pm), and i needed to go to bed. therefore, i just left my load down there in the washer for the night. i was planning on changing it this morning, but after taking too long in the shower, i was running late, and didn't get down there before i took off for work. i get home at 5:30 normally, as in today, and after using the bathroom, i went down to put my stuff in the dryer. my wet laundry was atop the dryer. this is the second time that this has happened, and i know that it's the neighbor boy, as the lesbians that just moved out would always just put my stuff in the dryer, and even fold for me on occasion. therefore, i am having to wash my fucking clothes again, and then dry them. thank goodness the only plan i had for tonight is going to the gym. however, my gym clothes are in the washing machine. for the second time in less than 24 hours. argh.

let me just say that i have never done this to anyone else ever. it would be one thing if i had left my clothes down there for like a full 2 days without removing them. i have been guilty of doing that with clothes that were in the dryer, but never in the washer. bastard neighbor-boy.

on another note, today has been so cold, i have finally turned on the main heater in my livingroom. there goes the gas bill....

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it isn't the beer
October 29, 2003

i feel all pukey and poopy at the same time. i've had horrid gas all day, but can't seem to poo at all. what a horrid existance i lead.
so last night, zach, sara, amychan, alisha, elizabeth, and fern were at alisha's house trying to figure out what to do for halloween. now, i'm not all into going out any longer really, like the rest of my peers. maybe i'm just a fuddy-duddy, but i just get too damned tired, and usually the music is far too loud in clubs/bars/whatever. i can't stand being at a bar/club for more than about an hour, and when i get up to go, everyone whines about how lame i am. oh fucking well. i'm lame. regressing, i really don't know what in the hell i "want to be" for halloween. i'm thinking about just getting some candy and staying home to watch some movies by myself. i really don't have the want to dress up or go out or drink or anything. i just need some nice peace and quiet for a while to myself, which i so rarely get. so give me one of 2 things - a vote, if you will: whether i should stay or i should go and if i go, what should i go as (keeping in mind that i have absolutely no money, and there is only pretty much 1 day to plan the costume, etc.)? on your mark, get set, go!

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October 27, 2003

okay, i am so fucking grossed out right now. i just got finished watching being john malkovich, which i've seen before and stuff, and i'm all like, "hey, why don't i watch the special features before heading off to bed?" to myself, of course. so i'm like 'la-de-dah' watching the special features, and i get down to pretty much the last one, which is an interview with spike jonze (or something), at which point there's a warning about the time constraints the interview was filmed in and all that. so we go past that, and spike gets into a car that the camera is inside. there's some guy riding in the passenger seat filming and asking him questions... at first, i was watching him, and it looked like he had the hiccups or something... or he was burping a lot, but not really loudly or anything. so suddenly, he stops the car, opens the door, gets out and fucking pukes. pukes on the fucking street like in LA or something like that. and they filmed it and put it on the DVD. fucking gross, man. i so didn't know that that was going to happen (this was something like 2.5 minutes into the interview), and i now feel like puking. how about that. instead, i'm going to bed. fuck that, yo.

though i still highly recommend the movie. just watch out for those "special" features.

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October 23, 2003

here's what i had for yesterday:
Once again, it smells of burning tires here and outside, and I have to ask myself again why in the hell I live in this shithole.

and as for today:
That being said, what in the hell is up with scrapbooking? I know a few people (all women) who are very into it, but I just don't get it. I've wasted the last half hour of my life looking through scrapbooking.com, where I was bored. to. tears. Maybe I just need to be older and have at least 1 child to be excited about this revolution. Or be Mormon. It seems to me that all scrapbooking is is an embellished photo album/sticker album, with ugly/cute quips, pics, and wallpaper backgrounds. Most of the scrapbook pages I've seen (even online) aren't even original at all; they're just cut-out pieces of someone else's originality and stuck on another piece of paper. Only the originator is making money off of it, whereas the scrapbooker is wasting his/her money on it. Personally, I'm just an old-fashioned album-sort-of person - I'll write the pertinent information on the back of the photo, and if someone really wants to know, they'll have to take the time and effort to look.

look, ma! a post every day this week! amazing.

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October 22, 2003

today i had something really witty and clever and eloquent and totally awesome to say, and i even wrote it down. and prompty left the piece of paper at work. since there's no use crying over left papers (or so they say), i'm just going to head off to bed in hope that i will remember tomorrow. bonne nuit!

hey ho
October 21, 2003

so of course i'm just sitting here, doing nothing but making chocolate-chip cookies and eating them (wouldn't the personal trainer love to know about that?). but after 5, i've started to get a bit sick of them... after all, they're mostly for the boy, and i'll force him to take them all to work tomorrow so i can't have anymore.
i haven't been working on the galleries at all like i would like to do, but am just too lazy. instead, i watched Adaptation, on a recently bought DVD. those of you who have actually looked through the galleries may remember seeing a caption saying something like, "The Majestic Theatre - we saw Adaptation here!" indeed, the first time i saw Adaptation was in an old theatre in downtown Madison, WI, with my good friend leeann.... oops... last batch of cookies are a bit overdone, as i was typing instead of watching the oven. best time for me to go then... i highly recommend Adaptation, as it is a v. good film, though not for those who might be squeamish (though there are only 2 parts at which i feel the need to either close or cover my eyes - the first time, i wasn't so lucky as to be in the know about the aforementioned scenes - eek!). love!

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something on cleverness
October 20, 2003

I cannot bring myself to write, as the words that become dark on this page don’t ever seem to “sound” the way that I want them. Why can I not ever seem to write the way the words come into my head, the words sound both eloquent and strange, and frightfully clever, the way I want them to. I envy those who can sound so very clever without even thinking about it, whereas I must struggle for some reason to even get my thoughts to stop long enough for me to capture them and make them work the way they should. It is both ridiculous and cruel to think of these things over and over again so that I may be frightened so much that I cannot write.
I dreamed, in my younger years, of being a writer, and even started at least 2 ill-fated novels, which never made it past the 3rd “chapter”, meaning no more than 10-15 (double-spaced) typed pages in WordPerfect3.1. This, of course, just wasn’t to be, and I am stuck with being both a grammar and spelling freak without anything to use this power upon. What a waste of a great mind.

today is brought to you by the letter
October 9, 2003

Good lord, will this day ever end? I’m thinking movies and anime and DVDs and theatres, and I just want to pack. I am, of course, rather disappointed, as I have found out that there is not only no Sanrio store in Seattle itself, but that there are some in surrounding areas. However, (comma) I will have no time and no transport to take me to fucking Bellevue or Silverdale. Hell, I don’t even know where Silverdale is. Ugh.
So there goes half of my Seattle experience. Blasphemy.
Other than that, the plans for Nordstrom and the Rack are fully in place, and I totally plan on getting a nice pair of bloody shoes while I’m there. After all, what else should I do with the $150 I allowed myself to spend at the non-existent Sanrio store? I’m just dashed.
So work was kind of hellish after dealing with this one little thing that ended up not being such a little thing at all, and some people (thank g-d they’re not our own) kept dropping the ball and leaving me hanging, looking like a one-armed chimp. Other than that, I guess I won’t have to deal with it any longer, as I’m sure the whole deal will be taken care of by someone else in the team who will be there tomorrow. *sigh*
Looking forward to getting the hell out of here at 9'o'clock tomorrow morning.

Something not-so-clever
October 7, 2003

Recently… well, really for a long time… I’ve been really horrible with returning emails and blogging in general. It’s been more than a week now since I’ve written anything in here, and I feel guilty about it. Even more so, I feel guilty about not writing back my step-mom and my friend Renie, as they should take precedence over blogging in any form. I’ve had their emails sitting in my inbox at home for more than a month. After all, they took time out to write me, why can’t I do the same?
It’s been the same since I was younger. I was always putting off writing thank you cards, etc. to relatives for gifts on birthdays and winter holiday. I have actually gotten better at that, since I know how important it is, to mostly my grandmother, that I write.
I’ve also been spending far too much time on eBay. Since I have this new jorb and all, I’m wanting to spend all of my money on stuff I would have never purchased if I had my old salary. It’s kind of refreshing and liberating in a way, but I really need to cut down on the 5-10 DVDs I buy a month. And, of course, all of the miscellaneous other things that add up to far too much money when I think about it.
Off to Seattle this weekend, which I’m really looking forward to. I get to go to the Sanrio store, the Rack, and Nordstrom (the latter I need to go to badly). I’m planning on taking plenty of pics while I’m there, and you can expect to see them whenever I’m not too lazy to actually do it. ^_^