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The issues with living in hell:
June 23, 2005

We went from 2 down comforters and a blanket to, overnight, only a light sheet. Our limbs are now posed in odd angles when attempting to sleep – arms strewn in mock crucifixion; we dangle our legs to the sides of the bed, freeing them from the stuffy under-sheet world of dampness. The mere thought of touching flesh to flesh (including our own) causes instant perspiration.

The mornings have been hazy; it’s 80° by 8am, the clouds pressing the heat to the surface of the Earth. We stare up at the grey sky, hoping/praying/wishing for some form of precipitation to cool the air. Not necessarily the biting coldness of 2 weeks past, but rain nonetheless.

My brain is currently a mere index of lists, groups according to The chosen send-out-with-the-invites photo, taken 2 weeks ago.importance. All, of course, have to do with the wedding, which is now less than 2 months away. With a limited budget, I am racking my brain for clever ideas that refuse to appear regarding centerpieces and the like. My eyes are bored with everything at The Knot and wedding sites in general. Looking at magical-perfect brides skipping jauntily down a wood-lined path (alternatively, insert grassy meadow, beach, or kitten-filled sandbox), their chosen mates clutched at the wrist, happy to be pulled/lead this direction.

I’m trying hard to keep some sort of composure, and not slip into bridezilla mode every time something doesn’t go quite right or the guest list changes (pregnant, at this point, with additions - the invites have been sent, though). However, my temper is waiting to flare at any moment, as if I’m on permanent PMS patrol. This, of course, is usually taken out on the one person that isn’t able to relieve himself of my presence: Ben.

I console myself with reminders of everything that is done, breathing relief knowing that at least my dress, shoes, and sash are safely being crushed in the closet. Too often I close my eyes and imagine it’s all over and we’re already on holiday in Scotland.

Sometimes I think that I may actually be able to write well, if only I could actually form my thoughts into proper words and coherent phrases. However, this rare occurrence only seems to happen after midnight, in bed.

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Fawlty McTowers
June 7, 2005

All has been quiet on the internets front, but everything behind the scenes has been a bit on the insane side. 2 busy weekends have passed since I posted last – too long, in my opinion. I am also fighting with my host to get things resolved on the server, which has not only killed my comments, but has been going down pretty consistently for the past 4 days. To combat the return of comment spam, I am disallowing comments for the time being*. Hopefully, we should have this all cleared up within the next few days.

The weekend before Memorial Day, Ben and I drove up to Redfish Lake, where the wedding and reception both will be held. It was a fun weekend, but truth be told, it was the least campingest camping trip I’ve ever been on. Unfortunately, I don’t think we have any pictures of the “camp” site – it was little more than a paved driveway that had been expanded to include a picnic table, grill, and small firepit – all on the pavement. The site also had a tent pad – a 12x12 box with hard sand in it. Although there was no electricity at the site (there may as well have been – there was everything else), there were real flushing toilets involved, as well as dumpsters and gray-water containers. It was very strange. Being a person who has camped in many places since I was but a wee person, I can safely say I would have rather stayed in a hotel room than camp in that type of ground. Don’t get me wrong – I understand what they’re trying to do, but it feels as if the experience as a whole was cheapened.

Thankfully, the experience was un-cheapened by the ability to see the ceremony and reception sites. Ben and I took a good lot of pictures of the mountains from the ceremony site, and got a general feel about how things are going to work. We’ll have to go back in August to check the water level to make sure it’s going down as much as I think it will, and make sure that we’ll have enough space for 100+ chairs on the beach. The sites are gorgeous, and actually better than I thought they would be. The photos are a little “off”, and could use a good photoshopping, as it was a cloudy day (we got rained out on Sunday), so the contrast and levels are off. However, I’m lazy, so the pictures are below:

The Sawtooth Mountain range from near StanleyBasically across the highway from the previous photoMyself, at the ceremony site with the camera bag attached
The ceremony siteThe reception siteThe reception site from a different angle
This last weekend was spent mostly at a jewelry store (I purchased Ben’s ring), Old Navy, my mom’s “new” house on the mountain, and a bowling alley. My mom works up near Bogus Basin, and as resigned herself to living up above us for the entirety of the summer, though she owns a house in Mountain Home. We had brunch with her Sunday morning, which was a bit of a drive, but well worth it. Ben, of course, didn’t bring the camera to take what would have been the bestest pictures ever of the city bathed in light from 3000’ above. Later on Sunday we went to Emerald Lanes to enjoy the surprise party our dear friend Fern threw for herself, again with lack of camera (wtf, people?).

Happy second day of your 25th year, Fern. Make every day better than the previous. And you can stop kicking my ass at the alley.

I have basically gotten rid of scode for the time being, since nothing is happening on the server-side that is going to fix the issue. I have implemented a different antispam option: either commenters will have to be signed into TypePad to comment, or I will be approving/denying all comments coming through. If the approve/deny thing gets to be too much, I'll just go with the TypePad. If you don't have a TypePad account, and you would like to comment, I highly suggest getting one - it's free, put together by the people that made MovableType, and it's super handy.

So feel free to comment at this time without too much fuss. Thanks!

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