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I try a new hairstyle
April 1, 2012

Before we left for a long holiday, I forced myself to get a haircut. I hadn't had my hairs cut since before the wedding (7 month - shiiiiih), and it was way past the time for this to be done. I've always had an issue with spending money on anything that I might consider frivolous, usually consisting of things that normal ladies spend money on All The Time, such as clothes, shoes, hairdos, mani/pedis (just typing that made me gag a little), facials, etc. In fact, within the last 5 years, I have had one facial, 5 professional pedicures, 2 professional manicures (never with polish - just buff. If I get polish, I'll pick it off within days), have spent maybe $1,000 on clothes, and maybe just over $600 on shoes. Everything I purchase seems like too much money to spend on something I'll just wear, so it's not like it's something I need to live, like an iPhone. I then wonder why I always look frumpy and icky and feel badly about myself, and get annoyed and wonder why no one has submitted my horrid self to one of those makeover shows. Be that as it may...
As a total random idea, I decided to "do" my hair the Saturday we left for Canadia. I typically just let it air-dry, and it kind of does what it does. Since it's curly, it looks pretty good like 70% of the time, and the other 30% of the time, I put it in a ponytail (Kristy Brewer, anyone? Hold the turtlenecks). Instead, I did that side-bang-across-the-forehead thing, which really wasn't as tough as it looked (thanks to Product!), and, well, it looked good. I have to admit I've been kind of going nuts over it, and now that I have something to do with my hair that's not pretty boring that takes like 10 minutes to achieve.
Thus ends a boring post in which I write about my hair.
Oh, hey, and Canada was fun, too!