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whew! well, i haven't been
March 4, 2003

whew! well, i haven't been posting like i should. i know, i'm just a slacker. blah and pffft on me.
"ain't just sooo isn't in my volcabulary"... and i don't mean that as anything... but i tend to get really annoyed at people who say the word ain't... ugh, it's just gross.
anyhow, after my lovely little unimpressive rant from the last time, i went to the Women in History reception hosted in the Jordan Ballroom at BSU. I ate far too little, and then we all (Shazzer, Laura, Whitney, Zach, and I) went to 10th St. and proceeded to get rather drunk, which was okay, but i need to stop drinking like that. i rarely drink, or get drunk for that matter, and when i do, it just doesn't make me feel good. i didn't have a hangover or anything, my body was just like, "ugh." so that's about it... zach and i went to my mum's house in Mt. Home on sunday, and saw her for a bit, which was nice.
i do need to get my hair cut, which i will do next weekend, if the money provides. i still have other things in my purchasing list which are higher up than that, but i figured it's about time i've had that done, since i haven't had my hair cut since summer of 2000, right before my original burning man. what fun! it will be nice to get that done and have my hair be all floofy again!
that's that for that, at least for right now. i'm sure i'll update again when i get some interesting stuff going on. i, of course, tend to update the conversation blogs more than this one, so if you're bored here, go here or there.