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frustrating things online
August 6, 2003

so i'm so totally interested in purchasing this, but i want to ask the company a couple of questions before i hand them the $30 or so for it. having a remote for my computer mp3 list has been somthing i've wanted to do for a long time. and even better is that this comes with a wireless setup so that i don't have to keep tripping over the audio cable stretching across the livingroom from my computer to my stereo. rock on. so i'm thinking that i can only use it with their software, which is fine for the streaming radio, but i'm not really big on their mp3 player/listing thingie. however, if i can get this for less than $30 and have it work, it would be more than worth it to just use their crappy mp3 software. i dig, yo. and they have really good radio stations through their iM Tuner. i like listening to the jazz and the j-pop/anime stations. and there's no commercials/adverts to get annoying like real radio. and there's a little button you can push to find out what the song, artist, and album information is, emailed directly to you. this is on the remote, as well. it's kickass. so the bad thing is that the place where one can ask questions is down for some unknown reason, which really kind of pisses me off, because i want to buy it now. *sigh* i just wish that some companies and people would get off of their asses so the world could be better for me. i'm sounding like a good little american now, aren't i? ^_^