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want, want, want.
August 4, 2003

so, since my birthday is coming up soon soon soon, i was looking for stuff that i want. but not neccessarily any stuff that i would purchase for myself, unless i suddenly came up with $50k and bought a new car first. so here's a little list i've compiled that i shall title, "omilord, it's too fucking cute, and i want it!"

for the kitchen:

for the car:
how can i live without this?
or this?

just because it's kawaii:

so i wasn't all into this hello kitty stuff until just a little while ago. and i don't know what really sparked my interest. i used to be really into kero-kero-keroppi, but he's getting really hard to find these days, at least the old style cute one. anyhow, now i'm imagining driving a new pink car with kitty on the sides. not like i would actually do it, but there are kitty seat covers that i would give a little finger for. well, not really, but i would v.v. much like to have them. ^_^


I, too, have become suddenly obsessed with Hello Kitty and would really like those seat covers!!
I remember loving Hello Kitty when I was little and now she's back!
Well......I'm terribly bored and want to go home and nap, but nooooo....must go to the gym and then to Winco! Lovely!!
ok..enough with my boring comment--CIAO!!!

Posted by: kibberella at August 4, 2003 3:24 PM

haha skibbey. i am sleepy too. i guess i could take some lovely drugs to wake me up, but then i just want to jump out of my skin! eek! yes, kitty is v. v. kawaii. i want the seat covers and the sandwich maker the most. sooo cute! argh!

Posted by: webmistress at August 4, 2003 3:39 PM