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August 12, 2003

i spent most of last weekend working on somethingclever.net's index extraordinaire v2.0. once i have that completed, i will have it take over the main index. it's a little more simple. well, not really. it just seems more simple.

so yay. will be switching my schedule after i get back from my holiday in savannah, which kicks ass, as i've been wanting an earlier shift since i pretty much got this job. of course, that does mean that i would have to get up earlier. i think it's something i can do. ugh.

so there was this huge spider in my room last night, right? and i saw it first, when ben and i were fighting over who got to go to the bathroom first. so naturally, i screamed and hopped back up onto the bed. i told ben to take care of it. he wouldn't. so i'm trying to kill this thing, and it falls off the wall, and goes underneath the door into the bathroom and corners up by the fallen toiletpaper roll-thingie that's sitting next to the trashcan. i couldn't find any spray chemicals around (i've found that that's the easiest way of killing things i don't want to get all that close to), so i grab ben's shaving cream. i spray it at the spider, but it didn't really have the power behind the spray to go very far, and in trying to get the spider, i kind of trapped it, and made a huge mess doing so. so i start to clean away some of the trash and stuff to get a better shot at killing the thing, and ben wouldn't give me the shaving cream, so it got away behind the bathroom counter. we spent a good 20 minutes trying to coax it out of it's hiding spot, but it didn't come out but once, and we weren't quick enough to get it. *sigh* so now i have this huge renegade spider in my bathroom, or by now, within my house. and i want it dead. grrr.