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August 14, 2003

i'm sad, because i know that more people read the menage blog than my blog. maybe my blog is just bloody boring. the thing is is that i can't remember ever what i want to say once i get to say it. maybe it's a kind of stage fright. oh! now i remembered something.

so i was thinking on the way to work today, just driving, driving, driving along the connector. lately, i have been answering questions in my head. not questions posed in my head or anything, just overheard stuff, or like when i'm watching something on the teevee, i answer questions posed by those actors/actresses i'm watching. just for one reason. the word "indeed". i have been having a lot of fun with that word, and i wish more questions were posed towards me in a fashion where i could respond positively with an "indeed". unfortunately, this has not been happening, so i've been answering everyone else's positive-response questions inside of my head with an "indeed". maybe i'm just weird? indeed.