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August 16, 2003

somethingclever.net stupendous index v2.0 is now up and at your disposal. ph34r my m@d photoshop 5k1||z! anyhow, i'm rather happy that it's up, and i'm pleased with the finished product. pretty much exactly what i wanted.

on another note, my birthday is tomorrow, and the loss of the wait is making me not really want it to happen. at exactly 12:08am tomorrow morning, i will be 24 years old, an adult by government standards. i am pleased, of course, that it is finally here, i'm just not all that excited any longer.

ben is working today, and i really have nothing to do but clean, and that does not interest me at all. i'm thinking about just curling up in bed again, as corey woke me up as the phone rang and an invitation was given for a dinner (in my honour, i'm assuming) tomorrow night. ben was displeased with this, as he was planning on taking me to mortimer's tomorrow night, but he hadn't let me know beforehand. i am a planner. *sigh* so i'm rather tired, having gone to sleep far past my bedtime last night. ben and i went to the movie theater last night, and saw the league of extraordinary gentlemen, which was better than i had expected. i was in kind of a pissy mood, as i was really tired, on my period, and hadn't had dinner. be that as it may, i'm thinking about a nap. how about you?