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the birthday bootie:
August 19, 2003

was limited to this:

from ben: $350 gift cert. for williams-sonoma, with which i bought:
an 11-cup cuisinart, 3 baking pans, a 6-glass set of drinking glasses that are so
totally cute, some oven-mitts, a utensil holder, and other misc.
The Wall (Pink Floyd) on DVD,
almost famous director's edition DVD
and tons of kawaii misc. hello kitty.
from mom: a 5-gallon fish tank (teal) with all the fixin's (no fish yet, you'll
have to wait for that update)
from zach and corey: a $25 gift cert. to old navy (yay! new pants!), dinner, and a cake!
from sara: a $25 gift cert. to border's and balloons!
from laura: a nifty candle and glass candle-plate-holder thing (nifty), hello kitty candy
and probably more that i can't remember right now.
so far i have not gotten:
any cards from my family, besides my mom
any checks for $10k, or any checks at all (goes along with not getting any cards yet)

however, that's plenty enough for me. and i got to play with my cuisinart last night, making my famous mushroom-chicken marinara with penne pasta. i used the cuisinart to delightfully slice the mushrooms, onions, garlic, and chicken. i did go a bit overboard, but i guess that's what it's for. mwahaha. it's so kickass. i love love love it.

anyhow, other than that, a bit of a setback in the lovelyness of the week has occured when i found out last week that the new price for RT tix from boise to savannah has gone down about $150. dude. so i call up cheaptickets, hoping that maybe they can kick back some of the whopping $492 i shelled out for those very same tix, which are now going for $348. nope, nada, and nothing. oh well. i just know now that the best time to buy tix is 3 weeks before one's trip. maybe. whatever.