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looking forward
December 31, 2003

Let’s try something a little bit different, shall we? I was thinking of stealing zach’s idea to contemplate the last year through haiku, and while that is charming and clever, I really don’t want to think about the past year. Now, don’t get me wrong; 2003 was a good year, personally. I had my contract end with a job I really didn’t like, and ended up getting a much better job that I am liking much betterly. There was plenty of good in the past year, and plenty of bad. So instead of going over the crap and the happy of 2003, let’s look forward to what’s awaiting me (us) in 2004:

Riding my bike once the weather gets warmer, and there’s less snow.
Getting Bushie Jr. out of the White House! (to trade for what other 3vyl, I don’t know)
Getting the car paid off (yay!).
Seeing my grandma and family again (it’s been 5 years!) in the summer.
Watching those around me take flight for their various exciting destinies.
Watching people grow and learn.
Hitting the big 25 mark on the birthday scale.
Hitting the small 160 mark on the weight scale.
Spending time with the boy.
Looking at new pictures on new calendars (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! Live Action!)
Enjoying life and love.
Getting one more year closer to being able to use better phrases for the years (twenty-ten instead of two-thousand-four or two-oh-oh-four).
I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Years. Happy 2003!

*now *now! ARGH!
December 30, 2003

i feel like singing that snow song from White Christmas when everybody's in the train and they're all happy to be going to Vermont, where there should be lots of snow. only not. i want to sing the song and then let there not be snow, for forever and ever.

like i may have mentioned earlier, i really don't like snow. i really don't like waking up an extra half-hour early to brush off my car, then just as easily (only not) brush off death driving to work - early. then, when the snow melts, there are huge puddles! now, the puddles are fun. i go splash(!)ing through them, which i love.


when it gets cold cold cold again at night, these puddles freeze. like all the way through. solid. they turn into not-so-fun death slicks, which make me wish even more that there was reliable public transport in this gawdforsaken antarctic hellhole. though i am lucky that i'm not totally buried under snow like dooce; she's only 6 hours away from me, driving.

in other news, i'm working 3 12-hour shifts at work this week, which is totally killing me. when i get the other 2 days under my belt with the first, i shall have a lovely 4-day weekend with absolutely no driving (hopefully), where i can just curl up on the couch with a nice cup of english breakfast and watch all of those DVDs i got for Channukah. ah, to dream...


how's everyone else's winter going? better than mine, i hope. ^_^

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greedy show-and-tell
December 25, 2003

i am the proud new owner of a Hello Kitty Cruiser. yes, it kicks even my ass. i can't wait for spring to come so i can ride it around and around and around. i took it for a little spin tonight, and let me tell you, it is too damned weird to brake with the pedals. you know, like pedalling backwards makes the bike stop. whoah. and i can ride it while sitting up straight, instead of hunched over, like on normal mountain or street bikes. sweetness.

i was also given a truckload (like seriously, folks) of too-kawaii hello kitty merch, including candies, pens and pencils galore, a hello kitty in kimono figure, bento items, pajamas, shirts, a clock, and much much more. i am too blessed to have people in my life that know exactly what i want - anything kawaii. i was seriously squealing at every package that i opened. it was almost sick, in a way.

okay, enough of the "me, me, me" bullshit - i hope everyone will have a lovely christmas, if you are inclined to do so. it is only the 6th day of channukah, so i hope that everyone has a wonderful 2 days of candle-lighting left. oh, and don't be dumb dumb dumb like me... ben and i own 3 channukias, 1 for oil, and 2 for candles. the wick floats for the oil channukia are too big to float on the oil, so we've just been setting them atop the glass. well, the other night, one wick decided to deposit a bunch of oil on top of the float, so when the wick got to burning, it lit pretty much the whole float on fire. i decided to blow it out, and it decided to fly across the room like a v. dangerous firefly. hilarity ensued when ben stomped out the burning wick, float, and oil upon the floor, and i spent the next day carefully cutting the v. top of the melted carpet off so the floor doesn't have a nice black spot on it. don't let this happen to you - stick with the candles, and don't leave the room when they're burning. keep a close eye on the fire - it can quickly get out of hand.

/end public service announcement

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December 17, 2003

it's the reason i have been such a bad little blogger for the past couple of weeks; it's the reason my hands are sore. it's 6 1/2 feet of pure, warm goodness:

yeah, that's the back of my closet door

french style, baby, yeah

...and that's a wrap!

i am deeply sorry for the above pun. forgive me, i'm PMSing. and that sucks. but i love my scarf. and it's the first completed knitting job i've done. i even made the pompom things myself. how clever am i? very clever. eat your heart out, martha!

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knitting... it's the new black.
December 12, 2003

Oh yeah, I’m a lazy bitch, and I have had lots to write about, but just haven’t written them down. Oh well. So here’s the Friday five for you. I’ve been really quite busy with little projects for gifts… I can’t give any of it away, as I’m afraid that someone will read about his/her gift(s). All I have to say is thank the lawd for craftster. Lurve. I’ll post this weekend with my current dealings for winter that don’t have to do with anyone else… maybe.

1. Do you enjoy the cold weather and snow for the holidays?
okay, these are 2 different things. I don’t mind cold weather all that much, but I really really really don’t like snow. Wait, I take that back. I don’t mind snow when I can look at it. I just don’t like having to walk, drive, shovel, or have any kind of interaction with snow. I don’t mess with it, it doesn’t mess with me.

2. What is your ideal holiday celebration? How, where, with whom would you celebrate to make things perfect?
As I’m not Christian, I don’t really care at all about Christmas. At all. I enjoy giving stuff to people, and I really need a time to have an excuse to give stuff to my friends, but I’m not going to decorate or anything. Being Jewish, I celebrate Chanukah, but I don’t think that’s a reason to give out gifts as if it’s the “Jewish version of Christmas.” So, if we’re talking winter holiday here, which I will assume we are, the ideal celebration would be small… the boy and I lighting the (oil) candles in our channukia, eating latkes until we feel like puking, and sipping on some cider. Mmmm… Latkes…

3. Do you do have any holiday traditions?
Not really. Which really means no. Well, we go to the boy’s mom’s house for X-mas eve to watch the gorging begin. Seriously, this woman spends thousands upon thousands of dollars on gifts every year. Especially now that Wilson and Amelia (Ben’s nephew and niece) are around, there’s more presents piled under the tree than ever. I mean, I enjoy getting and giving gifts, but when it gets up to the point where one is just spending to spend, I think that that’s enough. On X-mas day, we go to my mom's house and hang out. There's far less stress there, and far fewer gifts, but I totally prefer it.

4. Do you do anything to help the needy?
Give monies to charity. Through my work, and through the ou. I don’t go down to the local shelter and ladle soup or anything. Mostly because it’s a jesus rescue mission, and you have to take their sermons if you want to spend the night. I’m not into that at all. I mean, if you’re hungry, then go there. But if you’re not into listening about how jesus can change your life for hours on end, and you’re still hungry, go there. But be warned.

5. What one gift would you like for yourself?
Peace on Earth. No, well, okay. I just did that to get the brownie points. Uhm… well, I would love good kosher wine. One can’t get any good stuff around here… it’s all like manischewitz or something… too sticky and sweet. One cannot down a glass of this twice a week. So yeah.

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the flu?
December 4, 2003

so after having everyone in the current workplace get sick, and take many days off to get over it, i was in the same situation. my sinuses decided to explode on tuesday, which i thought was a fluke, but by wednesday, my head was pounding furiously. i was sneezing every 2 minutes, and having to blow my nose at an incredible rate. today, i felt a lot better when i woke up, and my sickness just went downhill from there. by the time i got to work, i was barely able to hear, my stomach was churning, and i wasn't able to concentrate at all.

now, i was sick just a couple of weeks ago, and at the same time, i hurt my back. bad luck coming in 3's? i think so. nevertheless, the sickness i had 2 weeks ago was far less invasive. last time, i just felt as if i was going to fall down any time i wasn't sitting down; i was suffering from vertigo rather badly. this time, it is full-blown ickyness. i hate being sick. so, i decided to take the rest of the day off of work. i came home, promptly turned on a movie, sucked down some nyquil, lay down on the couch, and fell asleep. the cat joined me, and i didn't move for about 7 hours.

when i awoke, i felt much much better... so here i sit, at the end of making dinner, and am thinking about bed again. the best part about being ill is feeling better again. and i seriously cannot wait to get back to work tomorrow. yay. *crossing my fingers, hoping that feeling better will increase*

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it's about time...
December 2, 2003

So it’s December already, and I have no farking clue how in the hell that happened. In one day, one month, this site will have been on the great WWW for a year. How strange.

I hope t-day was wonderful for all. As for me, the boy and I went to my mom’s house out in Mt. Home to have dinner, which was lovely. After, we went to see Timeline at the theater. Now, normally I’m not one to really review or critique a movie, but I have just a couple of things to say about this one.

I was really hyped up and happy about this film coming out, as both the boy and I are Michael Crichton fans, and have read most of his books. So when we saw the trailer for this one, I bought the book, and the boy read it, as did I. In fact, I finished it just before getting to the movie theater. I was stoked. Then I was severely disappointed. It was as bad as Congo. They massacred the book, making 400+ pages into an hour and twenty minute abhorration (is this a new word?). The movie had no flow; it didn’t really make sense. If they would have only spent a bit more time on actually building the characters, adding maybe a half-hour more film time, it would have been 500% better. So to those who made the film, I say, “whatever.”
**edit: after doing a bit of research, i found that more than one person pretty much agreed with my sentiments exactly. i so rock.

To regress, the day after t-day was the real treat. About 15 friends and myself got together for libations and dinner, which was more fun than I’ve had in a v. v. long time. And there were something like 6 different cheeses to boot. Now, I pretty much can’t drink milk, but I sure as hell am not giving up cheese, much to the dismay of my digestive tract. My body hates me for this, but with my mouth so happy, how can I refuse? I love cheese. I just hate what it does to me. *sigh*

All in all, it was an absolutely lovely 4-day weekend, and I can’t wait to do it again… less than 3 weeks ‘til the start of Christmas/Chanukah holidays, when I get a crapload of time off… oh, I’m really looking forward to that… rawr.

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